Electronic e-Paper Shelf Edge Labels

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dynamic pricing

Product and price information in a customer-friendly way

What is dynamic pricing?

Dynamic pricing allows retailers to take advantage of happy hour-, season sale-, peak- and end-of-season pricing. Pricing is easy, flexible and remote-controlled. With just a push of a button the prices of the selected garments are changed within a store or across a chain of stores.

Maintenance and price updates can be performed remotely, saving countless work hours. The two-way radio enables effective and timely reporting while all price updates are automatically acknowledged. EllaFashion dynamic pricing system comes with tools to create customized reporting system. All EllaFashion Price Tags are reusable and sustainable with estimated lifetime of 5-7 years.

Dynamic and digital pricing is a unique way to maximize sales, profit and margins.

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Retail Shelf Edge Label

EllaRetail Shelf Labels (ESL) take the best qualities out of e-paper technology and paper-like look. The shelf edge label shows product and pricing information and the photo sticker is available in four colors. On top of that, there is a possibility to indicate the product’s rating from one star up to the top five.

Product information stickers display for example product name and code, EAN or QR-code. Pricing information is dynamic and easily updated. For promoting purposes and campaigns a percentage can be shown with wording like Offer or Sale.

EllaRetail Pricing Solution’s wireless labels employ a two-way radio communication and can be easily affixed to shelf edge. The digital price tags show multiple currencies.

EllaFashion Solution brings a modern pricing and sales tool for fashion retailers. The pioneering technology is innovated and developed in Finland.

All price tags are recyclable and have an amazing five (5) year battery life.

The e-paper technology allows dynamic, clearly presented and up to date pricing.

EllaRetail Shelf Labels combine product and pricing information in a customer-friendly way.

Electronics Stores

The superior visual and functional properties of EllaRetail Solution make it an attractive choice for most different environments; from an exclusive boutique to a hypermarket and anything in between.

In electronics stores, EllaRetail Solution makes it easy for the customers to find information about the product through QR code and customer rating, which supports the buying decision and makes comparing between products easy – independently, without having to ask help from the personnel.