Verkkokauppa, Finland

20,000 square meter Super Stores

Verkkokauppa is a leading Finnish electronics retailer, operating both an onloine web-store and brick and mortar stores. Their goal was to display exactly the same prices simultaneously in both channels.

Ella dynamic pricing labels were first utilised in its enormous super store with 20,000 square meters of floor space in Helsinki.

This allowed Verkkokauppa to implement its vision of displaying the same prices and price changes simultaneously across all its sales channels.

All old paper labels in all stores have been replaced with EllaRetail labels.

Prices and stock information are changed dynamically every 30 or 60 minutes, 24 hours a day in all sales channels, and the demanding digital-age customers can really see the price seamlessly across all channels.

EllaRetail solution is completely integrated to Verkkokauppa other operating systems, making daily operations fluent and efficient.
The ELLA label Battery lifetime of five years has dramatically reduced the life-time cost of the system.

Also, even their biggest store – with the 20,000 square meters – can be operated with only one radio-communication device as the access point between central data and local system. Now that’s what we can call user-friendliness.