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7/24 Self-Service experience for the Last Mile


Pakpobox is a smart self-service solution for the last mile delivery problem. It integrates IOT (Internet of Things), Information Technology, Encryption Technology and Cloud Computing to offer reliable parcel picking / sending self-service.

Pakpobox comprises a combined software and hardware system, terminal facilities, mobile apps, and backend management system, with data exchange between e-commerce platforms and logistics companies.

It can also integrate local payment patterns, such as credit cards, Paypal, Alipay and Wechat-pay.


Why Choose Pakpobox

pakpoboxWe are one of Top 10 panel metal processing factories in China, being the largest supplier for Huawei, Siemens and Emerson. The production of boxes is reliable and the quality is guaranteed.

pakpoboxWe have a highly professional and experienced R&D team. We customize software systems according to user requirements and regional variation. Pakpobox provides integrated API’s to achieve the data interface between our system and any third party platform.

pakpoboxPakpobox was one of the earliest smart parcel locker solutions in China and the Asian markets. Our products have been operated successfully in China, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Malaysia and is now expanding globally.

pakpoboxPakpobox can be installed with two OS operation systems: either Windows and Android. We have a number of technology patents and software copyright’s for the Pakpobox system.

The Benefits of PakPoBox

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    T24*7 Safety & Convenience

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    Saving Time

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    Efficient Delivery Process

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    Mobile App Management

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    Easy Operation

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    Advanced Internet Technology

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    Flexible Design

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    High Grade Metal Material

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    Modular and Scalable

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    Digital Lock

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    Customized Workflow

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    Integrated API Interface






Parcels Self-Pickup

The huge expansion of e-commerce has greatly accelerated the requirements for seamless delivery logistics.

However, the major problem that still exists in the traditional delivery process is the “last mile” of delivery. For example, “last mile”  delivery inevitably brings the problem of time difference between users and couriers; missing and relocated parcels and parcel distribution in remote areas that increases the delivery workload.

Pakpobox, one of the first brands in intelligent parcel lockers market, is dedicated to providing seamless logistics self-pickup solutions.

Pakpobox supports a range of payment methods, and users can choose an appropriate time and a nearest Pakpobox site according to their personal schedule to pick-up or send parcels. The whole process is simple and fast, promoting the efficiency in the “last mile” of delivery.

Life Services

The mobile Internet has greatly revolutionised conventional life services industries.

Pakpobox provides parcel locker solutions for community residents and customises online-to-offline projects, such as self-service fresh food and retail distribution.  The community Pakpobox simplifies the process of online-to-offline service, relieves couriers’ delivery stress, through its effective and efficient service system.

Meanwhile, Pakpobox increases the service radius of O2O companies.

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