Anything in Paper can GO DIGITAL

From a magazine, catalogue, newsletter to a corporate brochure!

We make Digital Publishing SO Easy!

From simple DIY Publishing portals to extensive Digital Publishing platforms.
In all cases, just three simple steps to create your digital Publications…

  1. Create and/or login to your instant Account
  2. Upload your existing pages as PDF (including MS Office pages)
  3. Add your links and rich media / advertising banners

Then one simple CLICK to PUBLISH

digital publications

Display on any device!

Created in the latest Flash and HTML5 technology, our easy-to-read, online Digital Editions are automatically configured for instant viewing in Online, Offline, Tablet, Mobile modes and Social Media… Anywhere, Anytime.


What are Benefits of Digital Editions to Readers?

DigitalDM technology enables the instant creation of truly independent ‘Digital Editions’ – an enhanced digital replica of printed publications – which are easy to read, highly interactive, light in size, and so easy to distribute through the Internet.

Our Digital Editions successfully bridge the middle ground between digestible, focused but expensive paper productions and the endless pages of websites or cumbersome PDF and Word documents.

For Readers, our Editions ‘turning page’ effect mirrors the visual appearance of paper publications, as two page spreads, thereby increasing reader acceptance, appeal and interactivity. Additionally, we add the ability to easily overlay multiple layers of rich media for greater animation and impact with the reader.


What are Benefits of Digital Editions to Publishers?

Publishers can utilize their Digital Editions in so many ways.

They can direct readers to their website, embed the editions in their website as an iFrame view, email the Edition URL to their clients, or even link to over 300 Social Media sites with just one click. Publisher can also monetize their archives and even sell subscriptions.

Digital Editions, by allowing unlimited distribution and dramatic savings in traditional print and postage costs, are also incredibly eco-friendly.