AssistMe Virtual Mannequin

Our AssistMe Virtual Mannequin create a ‘hologram model’ that enables stores and brands to communicate consistently powerful and engaging sales, promotional and information messages. The ‘hologram’ uses pre-prepared videos that can feature anyone from a model, presenter, celebrity, sports star, creating a unique and distinctive way to promote products and services which capture instant attention.

Available in both half height (top body) and full height models.


Seasonal and Brand range of Garments
Displayed in minutes

Virtual Mannequin.

innovative Solution for experiencing promotional, advertising and informational messaging


Ideal for Window and in-Store displays / promotions.

Ultimate Solution for Interactive Promotional Messages

Playing a pre-programmed video message, the AssistMe Virtual Mannequin is the ideal medium to deliver a promotional message to your visitors, customers or guests. With content entirely up to your discretion, the Virtual Mannequin can be an actor, staff member, personality or caricature. Using the latest video analytics software our Virtual Mannequin can become interactive to deliver targeted messaging using:

  1. Proximity sensors
  2. Gender recognition
  3. Live service through video transmission

Virtual Mannequin

Innovative Solution for experiencing promotional, advertising and informational messaging

The AssistMe mannequin can be programmed to activate by heat, movement sensor or be on a continuous loop with interactive functions, if required.

Different on-demand messages can be delivered based on the customers selection through an interactive touch screen. The touch screen is located just in front of the projection and can be retrofitted to the Virtual Mannequin at a later date as required.

Virtual Manne

Amazing Range of Benefits:

  • The audience is presented with an innovative way of experiencing promotional, advertising and informational messaging
  • Fully customisable digital solution which can fit any brand image and messaging
  • Guaranteed message consistency: information is expressed in the way it is meant every time
  • Influences behavioural change: Connects with the audience providing an entertaining, engaging experience and delivering consistent and clear messages via visual and audible cues
  • Can be multi-lingual with ability to speak in any language
  • Interactive tool be used as a virtual help-desk in any vertical
  • Has been shown to increase sales by up to 75% as well as traffic & dwell time by up to 50%.
  • Works 24 hours, 7 days a week, so improves efficiency and allows redeployment of employees
  • Low cost of ownership and a sound longer term investment for the owner.

iDetect . Advanced Use in Retail

The optional IDetect® module can be used to collate footfall or headcount statistics, split by gender, while also delivering your promotional messages.

AssistMe Virtual Mannequin as a complete Kit.

The Virtual Mannequin is delivered as a complete kit with all the hardware and support materials included.

1. Stand, media player, all electrics and Perspex frames
2. Two x Mannequin hexagonal ‘hologram’ screens

  • The Kit comes with a sample video / instruction manual for the local creation of the interactive videos.
  • The kit also comes with two hexagonal “view” screens which can be cut to the model’s shape locally after the videos are created, if required.

The Virtual Mannequin is supplied in two parts and is crated for secure shipment. Optional Flight cases can be supplied on request enabling the Mannequin to be easily packed and moved between events and venues.