DigitalDM APPS . Available Features List

We offer the most extensive range of standard features for our Apps and easy change management within the integrated CMS.  We can also customise additional features on request.

Here is our list of just the most important standard features:

CMS configure Apps for multiple screen sizes and devices

Design for landscape, portrait, mobile, tablet, desktop, kiosk, large screens, store deployment and enterprise deployment

WYSIWYG Component and App viewing

Preview app design and functionality for multiple devices at any time throughout the design process

Flexible Project settings

CMS allows for easy setting of project type, background, orientation, splash-screen etc.

Content Resizing Management

CMS contains clever tools for managing the resizing of content (text, images, logos, navigations, etc.) for different screen sizes and resolution.

Multiple Actions

  • Play Sound
    Associate sound with an event, object or button
  • Go to Map
    Link to website map
  • Go to Website
    Link to website
  • Go to Page
    Hyperlink to page within app
  • Phone dialler
    Make a button that calls a phone number
  • Create new Actions
    There is the option for third party developers to create new actions using Lua code

Master Objects Library

Reusable objects that can be created that can control both look and behaviour and also be reused within a project. Within the CMS, clients can make a change to a Master Object and it is automatically updated throughout the application.

Auto Object Alignment

Snapping guides allow for quick alignment of content vertically or horizontally.

Overlays Management

Use the CMS to make changes and manage overlays that are presented regardless of how the rest of the page moves.

Data Binding Grids

Manage the visual master setup and bind a data feed to it, such as scrolling grid etc.

Visual Layout Components

  • Add text
    Design and display text with any style, colour, size and alignment
  • Include HTML
    Display blocks of formatted text with different styles, hyperlinks and images
  • Scroll panel
    Enable long areas of content to be scrolled with dynamic layout and resizing for different devices and orientations
  • Import images
    Arrange and display .png and .jpg images in any position or size, retain edge detail regardless of resizing and easily create a tiling pattern
  • Image zooming
    Display a large image that can be panned and zoomed
  • Design buttons
    Create buttons of any shape, colour or size with up to 4 designated states
  • Grouping Function
    Group objects together so that they can be moved and placed together on a page
  • Tool-bar Navigation
    Customise the tool bar design, icons and transitions
  • 3D cube Navigation
    Display images on a 6-sized cube that can be rotated and selected from
  • Glass-shelf Navigation
    Display products on a rotating reflective glass shelf – products can be swiped to move around the shelf and snap to center front
  • Carousel Navigation
    Display a revolving set of items in 3D carousel that can be swiped to revolved and tapped to select. Control the speed and shape of the orbit and scale of display of each card as they come to the front, and set up actions of each item
  • Embed native web browsers
    Put a web browser on the page
  • Gallery
    Take pictures and descriptions and choose presentation style e.g. falling pictures, Ken Burns
  • In App Advertising
    Ability to place banner ads inside apps. Hooked into third party ad providers. Potential for revenue sharing deals.

Dynamic Components (feed via the CMS)

  • Dynamic Feed List
    Display your content from feeds taken from WordPress, blogs, Facebook and Twitter, and internal feeds through CMS e.g. specials / deals
  • Dynamic article
    Display text and images hosted on the sever, e.g. opening hours
  • Animated feeds
    Set up a slide show with fade and slide transitions pulling in the images you want from the CMS
  • Dynamic form
    Design your own forms built up using the configuration you select in the CMS, use the CMS feed for processes like bookings, back orders, contacts and feedback
  • Social integration
    Check in to a location and post photos
  • Store Locator
    Display a list of stores fed from the CMS; sort stores by location using device’s current location. Display a map.
  • Contact form / Address Form
    Basic information capture fields (default / overwritable text), required fields, submission, alerts for merchant – customise the design and specs
  • Text entry fields
    Gather information from customers using their native data entry methods (keyboard, voice, handwriting etc.), specify user-friendly prompts and add backgrounds.

Quizzes and Surveys

Multi-choice text or images, short answers, multiple correct answers, can mark quiz, score, feedback and supply messages

Forum and Message Boards

Public list of comments posted by users

Social Feeds

Dynamic Social, RSS, News, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and other social activity feeds

Product Lists

Static and dynamic menus with multiple product levels and formats

Shopping Cart and Payments

Add things to cart, view cart, checkout, capture customer details, freight delivery rules, payment integration (Pickup, DPS, Paypal, Shopify), order confirmation, order alert for merchant

Product variations

Support attributes that change the characteristics of a product e.g. colour, size

Product Wizard

Ability to create and / or modify a product from list of sub components, e.g. change toppings on a pizza. Each item can have different pricing, descriptions and images. There can be rules to convern legitimate products, i.e. base product, limits to number of modifications, etc.

Loyalty card

Loyalty programs. Supports: QR code scanner, variable number of tokens / redemption’s for franchise stores with global loyalty or individual store loyalty programs.

Push notifications

Allow iOS and Android messaging

Franchise support

Use customer location to autofilter stores / promotions / deals / loyalty programs, etc.

Integrated Store Publishing

CMS helps manage the App App Store submission to iOS, Android and Win8. Creation of locked down Kiosk apps. Production of internal use Enterprise apps.

Simple Booking

Simple booking forms that sends a request and can capture booking information.

Advance Booking

Support optional and required fields, date and time picker, booking alert, in-app confirmation, conflict resolution, calendar and SMS integration

Online Ticketing

Ticket request, payment integration, call back to the CMS to confirm ticket, in-app confirmation and create virtual ticket.

Voucher redemption

Enable pre-payment of goods or service

Calendar integration

Check local calendar for availability

Quote Calculator

Request a work order, select from a range of options, insert details / comments / photos, allow for dialogue between merchant and requestor, quote alert, or auto / manual quote response

Native video

Playback video accelerated by local hardware

Native Maps

Native Google map – add custom icons and route finding

Photo taking, editing, overlays and effects

Use the devices camera to take photos. Add overlays and effects to these photos e.g. watermarks, moustache, rims on a car etc. Upload and share these images to social media

2D Animation

2D animation for logos, objects and characters. Created in Spine animator

3D Augmented Reality (AR)

Show 3D model when you point device at a picture

3D gestural support

For Leap motion and Intel Real Sense camera

Fluid and physics effects

Add fluid effects, falling objects, puzzles etc.

3D model viewer

Load and display OBJ and 3DS files

Graph Options

Display column, line and pie graph

CMS Managed Content and Updates

Data stored in the CMS can be called up and displayed through the app. A data linked feed, update content in the CMS e.g. products, pricing etc., quiz etc.

Branded Portals

  • Agency
    Agencies can log into their App CMS and manage all live projects in a self-branded environment.
  • Client
    Client can log into their CMS and manage their apps. They can maintain selected information fields that have been determined by the design process.

Versioning Controls

Version management system. Control what is live, what is under development, in test, etc.

App Analytics

CMS allows clients to log in and see reporting on their apps and their activity. It allows detailed reporting of any key transactional components i.e. Loyalty Program, eCommerce, Social Feeds, etc.