Professional Digital Publishing Solutions for the instant creation of engaging, animated ePublications…View and Save on any PC, Mac, iOS and Android Mobile device.  No APPS required.  
DigitalDM offers a complete range of professional e-Publishing Solutions for the creation of true Digital Editions. Generations ahead of the usual ‘flippy pages’ on 3rd party websites.Traditional paper publications are considered proactive and focused mediums as they are delivered directly to the hands of the user. But while effective, they are notoriously expensive due to paper and postage costs today.On the other hand, websites are reactive, as users have to be constantly ‘driven’ to a client’s website amongst the clutter of competitive websites, at considerable marketing expense. Professional ePublisher DigitalDM has worked directly with major Corporations and Publishers to fulfil their demands for a truly independent ‘Digital Edition’ – an exact digital replica of their printed publications – which is viewable in print quality, light in size and easy to distribute electronically. The ePUBLISHER platform permits our clients to instantly create and proactively distribute their easy-to-read ‘Digital Editions’ – simply using the internet as transport to the user (via email, URL link or accessed from the client’s website) – for viewing in Online, Offline and Mobile modes; anywhere, anytime.Our Digital ePublications mirror the visual appearance of any paper publications, as two page spreads, thereby increasing reader acceptance, appeal and interactivity.ePublisher uses the Publisher’s existing pre-press pages – in order retain the same viewing and print quality of the paper productions – with the ability to easily overlay any rich media for greater interactivity with the reader.

  • ePUBLISHER automatically creates three variants of any ePublication for viewing in Online, Offline and Mobile modes. epublishing
    For PC, MAC and Mobile devices.
  • Professional Digital ePublications. Un-scrappable and secure. With your own branding, if required. epublishing
  • Intuitive and incredibly easy to create. Just upload your existing pages, overlay any rich media and your ‘self contained’ ePublication is instantly ready to GO…
  • Add ‘interactive’ Rich Media. Simple to add URL, Page and Email links, video or sound clips on any page, plus rollovers and pop-ups for additional information related to your pages.
  • Distribute through the web, websites, emails or Social Media (over 200) sites.

Fully Featured

  • True Digital ePublications. Not ‘flippy’ web pages! We offer independent, self-contained ‘Digital Editions’ – an exact digital replica of their printed publications – which is viewable in print quality, light in size and easy to distribute electronically. Pages are un-scrappable for total content security.
  • ‘Do-it-Yourself’ Online Portal (personal online account 24/7). Create you own ePublications in mere minutes…
  • ONLINE, OFFLINE and MOBILE ePublications. All ePublications are automatically offered in three variants – ONLINE (quick online read), DESKTOP (saveable offline) and MOBILE (iPad, iPhone, iTouch and Android 2.2 phones / tablets) modes – so they can be read anywhere, anytime, just like their paper equivalent.
  • Use your Existing Pages – Portrait or Landscape – as either PDF or Word / PowerPoint documents.Our ePublications use the Publishers’ pre-press pages or MS Office documents to create an exact ‘digital replica’ of the printed version.
  • Incredibly easy to read and fully gesture enabled. With Preview and Page Zoom modes – in the publication’s original quality. All our ePublications are ‘touch and gesture’ enabled for the latest generation of smart phones and tablets, such as iPad, iPhone, iTouch and Android 2.2 phones / tablets. epublishing
  • Client Brand, Social Media and SEO enabled. All ePublications can be branded to the client’s requirements with custom banners, logos and URL links. Page text can be used to maximise SEO search.
  • Simple Navigation Bar. The menu Bar underneath each ePublication makes selecting functions easy and intuitive. epublishing
  • Thumbnail view, Email to a friend and ‘dynamic’ Print functions. All standard functions are available on the Navigation Bar. Custom buttons can be added with ease.
  • Rich Media on any page. Simple to add URL, Page and Email links on any page; Sound Clips; Video Clips.

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